What is “Quality Assurance” and the QualityPlus Method?

QualityPlus came about when our expert team put together a system to check for mistakes or defects in the building process. It ensures that a house being constructed meets the specified requirements. Our system gives you confidence that your build will be successful, with the least amount of problem areas and the highest quality results. Quality assurance should not be mistaken for quality control as quality control forms only a small part of quality assurance.

What’s the difference between GroundUp and a Building Inspector?

There’s a world of difference. Building inspectors’ main focus is on finished homes – they do a once-off check for any possible snags and defects before a house is sold.

We provide a continuous, systematic approach of inspection, every step of the way, which ensures that no items are missed and the house meets all requirements set out in plans and specifications.

Because we do quality checks throughout the building process, we can spot possible defects that might not be visible to inspectors at a later stage.

What’s the difference between GroundUp and a Project Manager?

Our sole purpose is implementing a system that ensures high quality construction work, done in accordance with plans, specifications and regulations. We also work alongside you providing expert and necessary information sharing and advice.

We don’t take charge of the appointment of contractors, payments, sourcing of materials and some other services provided by Project Managers. This ensures the quality of the build at a fraction of the price of hiring a Project Manager.

GroundUp vs. NHBRC?

There’s a big difference between GroundUp and the NHBRC. 1. They only do new builds, whereas we deal with new projects and renovations. 2. The NHBRC does not have a system of inspection that’s focused on all aspects of quality in the building process and only does spot checks at intervals unknown to you, if at all. 3. They don’t provide feedback after their inspections and you are therefore unaware of defects that may have occurred. 4.They don’t paper trail your project, which could leave you exposed if defects arise after occupation.

You need GroundUp with or without the NHBRC on board. Why?

Because we cover a much broader building scope, inspect the quality of work on site at every step, and report back so that responsibilities are met, snags are sorted out and the process is documented from start to finish.

Who is responsible for fixing defects detected in the process?

We provide you with the details of all defects. Fixing the defects is the work of the appointed construction company. But you’re safe with us every step of the way. Should they fail to fix any defects, the system put in place by us will ensure that you are in a strong position to force the matter and get better results.

I’ve already started the building process, can you still assist?

We believe in quality assurance “from the ground up” so we always encourage clients to use our services from the start. However, if you’ve already started building and want to use our services, you can. No build is the same, and we assess each project individually. Some work might have been completed that is no longer possible to inspect i.e. foundations. Starting the process after construction has started could therefore dilute the efficiency of our system.

I’m not building a new home, but completely renovating my existing home, can you help?

Yes. Our system might even be more beneficial to renovations as they are not regulated as thoroughly as the construction of new houses.

How do we get started?

Because we work closely with clients, we like to meet face-to-face. Get in touch to arrange a meeting so that we can discuss your individual needs and provide you with the best solutions.

A few DO’S and DON’TS when it comes to building projects.

No guarantee will be provided to fix any defects that may occur during or after construction of the house.The services we offer only guarantee that we have checked all items to the best of our ability. We will, however, assist you by providing paperwork as required to enable you to claim from the NHBRC (should this be necessary).

We will not do any remedial work on defects during construction or after it’s completed. We are not a “construction company” and serve only to ensure that the appointed builder complies with plans and specs, that every aspect is documented and that you have expert solutions should problems arise.

Tackling tricky relationships.As with any business, it always takes collaboration to ensure success. We will engage with the appointed builder only as far as they are willing to work with us. Should they refuse to work with us or acknowledge defects that we find then it becomes our client’s responsibility to manage them. We will assist you as far as possible but we do not have the legal authority to force builders to keep to our best in practice standards.

We don’t do site inspections on demand. We have a tried and tested system to ensure quality and do inspections accordingly. Should you visit the site and find a defect, you can email us a photo of it and we will address the issue in our next report.

We are independent consultants and are not affiliated with any construction company, contractor or service provider and will only recommend one of the previously mentioned at your request. We are, however, not responsible for any work done by any of these entities and will not be liable for any claims that may arise from work done by them.